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Cover Reveal: RELIC by Bronwyn Eley

Cover reveals are always exciting… and this one is no different! In partnership with Writer’s Edit, we’re absolutely thrilled to present the cover reveal for debut author Bronwyn Eley’s first novel, Relic.

Feast your eyes below…

Slated for release on September 12th this year, Relic is the absorbing first novel in The Relic Trilogy, a thrillingly dark YA fantasy series.

The story follows 19-year-old blacksmith, Kaylan, as she becomes the personal servant of a dangerous lord in possession of a Relic – a jewel that protects his bloodline, but slowly poisons everyone else in its proximity.

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Book details

Title: Relic
Series Title: The Relic Trilogy, Book: I
Page Count: approx. 496
Author: Bronwyn Eley
Publisher: Talem Press
Paperback: 978-0-6485342-0-4
Ebook: 978-0-6485342-1-1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: September 12th, 2019

Bronwyn is currently available for interview, and here at Talem Press we are currently accepting review requests. Simply email us at [email protected]

You can find out more about Relic and The Relic Trilogy over at

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Cover Reveal: WAR OF MIST By Helen Scheuerer

It’s another incredibly exciting day for us here at Writer’s Edit… In partnership with our imprint Talem Press, we’re thrilled to bring you the cover reveal for our Founding Editor, Helen Scheuerer’s third fantasy novel, War of Mist.

So without further ado…

War of Mist is slated for release on July 25, this year!

Explosive revelations, heart-wrenching betrayals and breathtaking magic soar in the epic conclusion to Helen Scheuerer’s bestselling trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles.

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Book Details

Title: War of Mist
Series Title: The Oremere Chronicles, Book: III
Page Count: approx 500
Author: Helen Scheuerer
Publisher: Talem Press
Print ISBN: 978-0-9941655-9-6
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9941655-8-9
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: July 25, 2019

Helen is currently available for interview, and Talem Press is accepting review requests.

You can find out more about War of Mist and The Oremere Chronicles over at, and more about Talem Press at

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Talem Press Signs Three-Book Deal With Debut Australian Fantasy Author

As promised in the Writer’s Edit 2018 wrap-up post, we’ve got some exciting news to kick 2019 off with a bang…

We’re so excited to announce that our fantasy publishing imprint Talem Press has signed debut author, Bronwyn Eley, in a three-book deal for her young adult fantasy series, titled The Relic Trilogy!

With a background in the military, 27-year-old Bronwyn now holds a marketing role in the book industry while she works on her fiction. Relic, the first book in the Sydney-based author’s series, is slated for publication later this year.

The newest author to join the Talem Press family, Bronwyn Eley!

Relic follows the story of Kaylan, a tenacious blacksmith chosen to be the personal servant of a powerful lord. It’s a deadly appointment – the lord possesses one of the rare and dangerous Relics, an item that protects his bloodline but slowly poisons anyone else in its proximity.

This three-book deal follows the success of Talem Press’ first series, The Oremere Chronicles. The Relic Trilogy continues Talem’s mission to publish ‘stories that empower’ – mysterious, magical fantasy books with a focus on female agency.

Here’s what publisher Helen Scheuerer had to say about this exciting development…

Talem has been inundated with submissions since opening its doors mid-2018, but Bronwyn’s manuscript blew us out of the water.

From the moment I opened Relic, I was hooked. It’s a gritty, fast-paced, female-driven fantasy that leaves you dying for more.

Stay tuned for more info about Relic over the coming months!

In the meantime, follow Bronwyn’s official author Facebook page to stay up to date with her latest news.