Our Story

Talem Press is a new publisher of fantasy books and is an imprint of Writer’s Edit.

Writer’s Edit was first established back in 2013 as an online literary magazine and small press for emerging authors.

After publishing three creative writing anthologies (Kindling Volumes I, II and III) to much success, W.E. went on to become one of the world’s leading online learning platforms for writers.

As the editors experimented with the site’s direction, they came to realise that their readers were big lovers of the fantasy genre.

Readers were demanding more articles on fantasy fiction, but more than that, they wanted a place to submit their own fantasy stories.

Thus, it was only natural for Writer’s Edit to evolve and start its own fantasy imprint.

In 2017, Talem Press was born.

We’re a completely independent, Sydney-based house.

Our first book, Helen Scheuerer’s Heart of Mist, became a bestseller in under 24 hours of release.

Things started to snowball from there, and we opened our doors for general submissions.

We want to give all our authors the same success and the same kickstart to their career.

For too long the publishing industry has needed a shake-up.

Over the years, we’ve watched authors suffer through outdated submissions processes that take months, sometimes years.

We’ve felt the frustration of sending work out into the void only to never hear back.

That’s where we’re different.

Talem is the latin word for ‘empower’, which is exactly what we aim to do.

We want to empower our authors, and we want our books to empower our readers.

Here at Talem, we pride ourselves on our transparency and ongoing communication. We build long lasting, supportive relationships with all our authors.

Once an author is welcomed into the fold, they’re part of the family.

We believe in the life-changing potential of stories, and everything we publish seeks to provide inspiration, and escape.

We’re particularly passionate about unlikely heroines, mysterious magic and out-of-this-world story-telling.

Our books are published in print and digital formats, with a strong emphasis on the digital. We focus our energy on online distribution and getting our authors the returns they deserve.

Our vision for the future is to bring an incredible list of fantasy titles into the world.

Above all else, we want our authors to succeed, and be free to pursue the writing life they love.

Be sure to visit our Submissions page for more information about submitting your novel to Talem Press.